Christchurch Staff


 Frauke Christ

   - Site Team Leader 

Frauke is our site administrator and plays a diverse role at our Christchurch Campus.

Working within various areas of focus, such as academic, site administration and student services, Frauke has a passion for student success and is supportive right throughout their journey as a student, to becoming a graduate and receiving Continued Professional Development courses to keep their skill-set relevant and fresh.


 Rosana Vaz

   - Tutor 

Rosana is a highly dedicated and qualified Pilates instructor and Remedial Massage Therapist with hands-on experience in New Zealand, Australia and Brazil. In addition, she also has extensive knowledge about Biomechanics and pain management, combined with 16 years experience as an overseas Physiotherapist. 

Passionate about physical exercise, Rosana combines her Physiotherapy background and the benefits of massage as a rehabilitation tool, achieving fast and positive recovery results. 

Shannon Gardner – Tutor