Wellington Staff

Joanna Tennent – Tutor

Joanna is a dynamic presenter of body therapies with twenty-five years’ experience as a professional body work practitioner. Her specialist teaching areas include: Musculoskeletal Anatomy; Professional Clinical Practice; Research Literacy; Clinical Supervision; and the Therapeutic Interaction (Health Psychology) as well as influences from anatomy, yoga and understanding the architecture of the physical body. She’s an enthusiastic driver of professional massage therapy and connects our students with current international research and understanding, which in turn gives her students the most modern of learnings within the massage therapy industry.

In 2018, Joanna supported the emerging ‘integration of pain science’ into personalised health care and uses this perspective when teaching. Prior to training as a massage therapist Joanna had founded one of the first vegetarian cafes with excellent coffee in Auckland.

Specialist Areas: Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Clinical Practice, Research Methods the Therapeutic Interaction (Health Psychology)


  • Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)
  • Diploma in Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage)

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