Annie Turner

Annie TurnerOn moving to New Zealand in 2000 I chose to study at NZCM because of both its professional reputation and warm atmosphere. I studied the Diploma in Body Therapies and Clinical Sports Therapy. The course was far more comprehensive and provided more hours of study than the courses offered in England. The teaching was excellent, much of which was inspiring in its approach. The time dedicated to and facilities available for practice are excellent. I have not experienced a course with such a high level of support or encouraging atmosphere before or since studying at NZCM.

Thanks to the course at NZCM I graduated with confidence knowing that I had the knowledge and hands-on skills to be a safe and effective practitioner. On my return to England I was able to set up in private practice and to begin working as a Massage Therapist for the Women’s Tennis Association. This was an amazing opportunity to travel to European tennis tournaments including the Wimbledon Championships and work with elite athletes in the number 1 women’s sport. I also had the privilege of working with experienced sports science colleagues. It is through working on the tour for five years that I developed an interest in physiotherapy. I decided to combine my hands-on massage skills with physiotherapy. I was able to prove prior learning of anatomy, physiology and pathology through the university-level modules I completed at NZCM. I have now completed a MSc Physiotherapy. I carried out my dissertation in physiotherapist’s use and attitudes towards massage.

I now practice massage therapy privately part-time and have begun my career in physiotherapy within primary care. Whilst I am enjoying being a physiotherapist, I will always practice massage and were it not for the excellent training from NZCM I would not have achieved all I have.