Massage Awareness Week

Are you in the 'right hands' of a trained professional?

Massage practise is unregulated in New Zealand.


However, Massage New Zealand (MNZ) can help you make an informed decision on who can provide the best care, according to individual needs. MNZ provides you with a community of trustworthy massage therapists to select from so you can be sure that you’re in the right hands. New Zealand College of Massage, is an affiliate member of MNZ and our programmes are designed to equip students with the most up-to-date methods in massage therapy.

Scientific evidence supports the many benefits of this practise, and that correctly applied massage therapy can significantly help to relieve pain, treat injuries or improve overall well-being. However, with more demand for massage, public awareness around how to find an effective, professional massage therapist is urgently needed.

Check out the Massage New Zealand (MNZ) website and choose an MNZ registered therapist via the national database. MNZ registered members are all qualified massage therapists, and have undergone training in ethics and professional behaviour. Our Code of Ethics ensures informed consent is obtained, as well as providing clear boundaries on what is and is not acceptable.

The New Zealand College of Massage (NZCM) is a NZQA registered and accredited tertiary qualification provider and has a Category 1 rating.