Relay for Life

Relay for Life

A Decade of Soothing Runners' Aches and Pains on the Relay for Life

8 March 2018 - For more than a decade, students from the New Zealand College of Massage (NZCM) have been helping participants in the Relay for Life recover from the race's little aches and pains. All that effort deserves a massage at the finish line…… and this year, they'll be doing it again!

This year at Frank Kitts Park, Wellington on 17 and 18 March, the NZCM students will be decked out in their NZCM uniforms and massage tables at the ready, so participants should look out for them.

NZCM Lead Tutor, Marcus Tidwell says, “This is a great way to introduce new therapists to the public. They get to interact with different body types and various age groups.  Relay attracts large groups of students, family and friends of loved ones that have passed due to cancer, and also many survivors that continue to thrive and battle the disease.

He continues, “It’s also a chance for our current students and alumni to give back to the community. Student therapists get to experience participating in a public event that bolsters their classroom learning in a supportive and supervised environment. It prepares them for their careers post study and builds their confidence as budding professional massage therapists.”

There will be at least 20 students and alumni involved at the Wellington Relay.  Typically, the team will see at least 200 The community can’t miss the black and green uniformed NZCM team, and will also see the professional massage tables lined up, linen, oil/wax, and a happy to help masseuse.

The main request from participants is to focus on their legs and/or low back massage due to running and/or walking for several hours.  Students have the opportunity to assist and also practice their massage and interpersonal skills which to date has proven very popular with the crowds.

Marcus added, “We’ve supported Relay for over a decade and is one of our major community events as it aligns well with the health and wellness focus of our massage programmes.  We are thrilled to be able to provide this service to such a great community event.”

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