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Professional Development Courses

We bring you renown teachers within the therapy practice from around the world, so you get the best learning experience available to continue your development and skill-set within the Massage Therapy industry

Due to the travel and coordination involved, please be aware that all course start dates are subject to change for each location based upon class sizes at enrolment.

NEW Professional Development Courses for 2019 will be uploaded soon. 

Prenatal Massage Therapy 
Level One (Foundation Techniques)

 - with Lauryn Johnston 

Date: 10-11 November 2018
Cost: $295

About Lauryn Johnston: Lauryn Johnston is a Holistic Massage Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist and trainer. She has a passion for learning about the body and traditional medicine. She has worked, taught and learnt around the the world. Her study began in 2003 and currently holds over 20 qualifications in her chosen field. Recently Lauryn has focused on CPD training in holistic prenatal care because of her devotion to seeking out safe and complimentary care for her clients. She has worked with women throughout their whole pregnancy as a support person to help them get relief from normal and high risk anatomical changes that cause pressure and pain in pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilzation Techniques  
- with Dawn T. Gulick 

Date: 21 December 2018
Cost: $299
About Dr. Dawn T. GulickDawn T. Gulick is a Professor of Physical Therapy at Widener University in Chester Pennsylvania, United States of America. She has been teaching for over 20 years. Her areas of expertise are orthopedics, sports medicine, modalities, and medical screening. As a clinician, Dr. Gulick has owned a private orthopedic/sports medicine practice. She also provides athletic training services from the middle school to elite Olympic/Paralympic level. As a member of the Olympic Sports Medicine Society, Dr. Gulick has provided medical coverage at numerous national and international events. 

Muscle-Specific Deep Tissue Techniques 
  • Torso (Auckland) 
  • Posterior, Lateral and Anterior Neck (Auckland & Christchurch) 
  • Chest, Diaphragm and Shoulder Girdle (Christchurch)
 - with Brian Utting 

Date: 19-27 January 2019
Location: Auckland and Christchurch Campuses (New Zealand College of Massage) 
Cost: Subject to course type

About Brian Utting: Brian founded the Brian Utting School of Massage (BUSM) in Seattle, WA in 1982 and was BUSM's Director, Director of Education, and a lead instructor there for 26 years. Brian developed and refined the curriculum at BUSM and taught many subjects, including anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, contraindications, business skills, communication skills, hydrotherapy, and a variety of massage techniques. His 1000-hour COMTA-accredited school was considered one of the best massage schools in the country.

Brian has been teaching massage CE nationally and internationally since 1990. He designs his CE classes and programs so that the students really get the material and can take it home and apply it in their practice, rather than just being exposed to it. He teaches with a rare blend of knowledge, passion, precision, humor, common sense, and depth. In 2009 Brian was awarded the AMTA's Robert N. Calvert Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 2014, he was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame.

The Pelvic Girdle and The Spine 
 - with Mark Finch 

Date: 15-16 February 2019
Cost: $440

About Mark FinchMark is a Registered Massage Therapist (Canada) who has been in practice since 1996. He has training in Massage Therapy, Structural Integration (KMI) and Visceral Manipulation. He has a passion for treating myofascial tissues in all its forms and clinically reasoning the most appropriate strategies for each individual patient. He has treated successfully in a variety of therapeutic settings from touring with Riverdance the Show to his current practice. He clinically collaborates with well known Physiotherapist Diane Lee with whom he co-teaches some courses. Mark taught Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains™ courses in many international venues from 2005-2011. He now teaches his own Myofascial release courses in Canada and Australasia.