Programmes of Study

We're opening doors for our graduates and enhancing career opportunities.

We are an NZQA registered and accredited tertiary qualification provider. This means NZQA are highly confident in our educational performance. 

Our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch campuses offer a range of qualifications that are relevant to the Massage Therapy industry.

We've designed courses that can work around our learners, so you will see that some of our courses offer part-time and weekend options. We like to accommodate to those who are interested in the industry, but unable to be present full time.

Depending on your preference and current qualification in massage therapy, you can either choose to engage in a short course that can open the door to the world of massage therapy, a full tertiary qualification to get help you become a qualified massage therapist, or take part in our professional development courses run by highly registered and holistic-based therapists. 

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