Emma Dowling

Emma DowlingI’ve been working in Dubai since November 2008, I came over without any attested documents to find working over here in our profession was a whole lot more difficult than anticipated.  I needed to go for my medical license, have a panel interview exam which thankfully went my way.  To be honest having soft tissue therapists is a major plus here, as the physio’s etc are not as fine tuned as us and really appreciate having us around.

In regards to health insurance it’s not as widely looked on as say Physiotherapy; however the patient still can make a claim.  I think this is due to me working within the type of clinic I’m in. I’m working in the Osteopathic Health Clinic in Dubai (there are 2 locations in the city) which is a multi disciplinary clinic with primarily Osteopaths and then Physiotherapists, Exercise therapists, Nutritionist, Podiatrist, Kinesiologist & me! It’s been a very challenging environment, with many coming to me with specific injuries, rehabilitation or musculo-skeletal problems they were never aware NMT or massage could help with.

It’s also been quite a learning curve, and having the other professionals around to ask questions or advice is extremely positive for me.  The patient wins too with seeing a number of different therapists to speed their recovery.

I wear a clinical uniform to have a more professional appearance, as massage is usually associated with the Spa industry, which in Dubai is a massive market. But soon many who come to me realise I’m quite different to a ‘spa full body massage’ and find it refreshing I think.  Of course it doesn’t mean I’m not open to a relaxation type therapy, as the current financial times is bringing, however many who come to the clinic have more specific complaints.

Another graduate Naomi Cassrels has recently arrived, it’s fantastic having her here in Dubai with me, just that one extra fellow therapist makes a world of difference when you feel like you’re on your own.  We try and get together regularly to discuss client cases or try out anything new that we’ve learned.

Not sure how long I’ll be here but I’ll make the most of it while I can.