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(IASTM) Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization techniques

with Dawn T. Gulick

As part of our commitment to continuing education New Zealand College of Massage is proud to bring you HawkGrips Level 1: IASTM Fundamentals Certification Course, run by Dawn T. Gulick. 

Dawn T. Gulick is a Professor of Physical Therapy at Widener University in Chester Pennsylvania, United States of America. She has been teaching for over 20 years. Her areas of expertise are orthopedics, sports medicine, modalities, and medical screening. As a clinician, Dr. Gulick has owned a private orthopedic/sports medicine practice. She also provides athletic training services from the middle school to elite Olympic/Paralympic level. As a member of the Olympic Sports Medicine Society, Dr. Gulick has provided medical coverage at numerous national and international events.  

REGISTER HERE Early-bird discount before 21 November 2018. 

Dates: 21 December 2018
Schedule: Friday, 8am - 5.30pm 
Location: Building C, 382-384 Manukau Road, Greenlane, Auckland 

NZCM Attendees:
Registration Only NZ$299
Registration + HGPro Bundle NZ$535
Registration + Intro Set + Medium Handlebar Bundle NZ$2,145
Registration and Gold Set NZ$3,365

Early Bird (non NZCM):
Registration Only NZ$399
Registration + HGPro Bundle NZ$635
Registration + Intro Set + Medium Handlebar Bundle NZ$2,245
Registration and Gold Set NZ$3,465

Regular (non NZCM):
Registration Only NZ$499
Registration + HGPro Bundle NZ$735
Registration + Intro Set+Medium Handlebar Bundle NZ$2,345
Registration and Gold Set NZ$3,565

Course Description:

This 8-hour course covers the basic skills necessary and to safely begin Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) techniques. In this introductory skills acquisition course, participants will receive hands-on instruction in the proper use of IASTM through a lab-focused teaching format. The course will address proper instrument selection to address body contours and reach target tissues. At the end of the course, attendees will take a 1 hour exam for a certification in Level I: IASTM Fundamentals.

Please dress to allow skin access to your entire upper and lower quarters to enhance the learning process

Learning Outcomes:

  • List the precautions and contraindications for IASTM.
  • Understand, identify, and apply the appropriate IASTM treatment edge: concave, convex, broad vs. small contact, single bevel, or double bevel, based on the target tissue and desired treatment effect.
  • Choose appropriate basic treatment IASTM strokes (i.e. sweeping, fanning, brushing, strumming, and framing) based on the body region contours, nature of the soft tissue restriction, and desired treatment outcome.
  • Integrate IASTM intervention into the overall treatment program including: warm up, IASTM intervention based on the objectives outlined above, tissue elongation/stretching, appropriate ROM and/or strengthening exercises, cool down, and home exercise to produce carry-over of the treatment effect and enhance treatment outcomes

See HawkGrips instruments here: 

Agenda outline: 

  • Registration
  • Introduction - review of online component
  • Basic handling, tool selection, and basic treatment strokes lab
  • Lecture/discussion of treatment integration and dosing
    -Short refresh Break-
  • Myofascial (large surface-broad     strokes) & cutaneous stokes
    -Meal Break- 
  • Deep Muscular
  • Tendon/ligament
  • Hard tissue/soft tissue interfaces
    -Short refresh Break-
  • Skills Integration & Introduction of Multi-tool
  • Online exam for certification