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Bachelor of Health Studies - Neuromuscular Therapy (Level 7)

Aligned with international best practise and the gold standard for massage education

Programme Objectives

Our degree will prepare you for an exciting career in Health and provide you with the highest level of training in one of the fastest growing industries.

This comprehensive programme, teaches you how to assess, problem-solve and apply clinical reasoning with in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology. You will also have the opportunity to work with specialists in ENT (ear, nose and throat), Physio, Osteo and rehabilitation facilities.

Programme Overview

This degree is aligned with international education best practise and is the gold standard for massage education.

It offers superior evidence-based theories on structure and function of the human body, ethical considerations and the client as a whole person, with a thorough grounding in research in areas such as:

  • Intra Oral
  • Jaw (TMJ)
  • Cranial and neck-specific techniques for specialty applications in clients who suffer from migraine and whiplash
  • Chronic ENT (ear, nose and throat conditions and Headaches

A wide range of industry-experienced teaching staff, most in current clinical practice, guide you towards mastering a variety of hands-on techniques, and supporting you to integrate your learning and apply it in a clinic context.

Key Components

Includes all components of the diploma and additionally:

  • Lymphatic drainage and oncology massage
  • Research Methodology - critical analysis of current research and case studies
  • Sports Taping and mobilisation - refine and apply specialised skills in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) for specific dysfunction
  • e.g. temporomandibular (dysfunction, introduction to principles of pharmacology)
  • Nutrition
  • Psychology of the Therapeutic Relationship - includes concepts and theories relating to chronic disease and pain
  • Integrated therapies - principles and theories incorporating a holistic approach to client care.

Key Facts

  • Students engage in 40 hours minimum Student Clinic experience each Semester

Career Opportunities

    Massage Therapist

    2019 Course Costs

    1. When 3 year Bachelor programme including Level 5 and Level 6 applied;

    a. Paid in full: Tuition fee $51,000.00. Course fee: $2,850.00

    b. If fees are paid yearly: Tuition fee $19,000.00 (yearly), Course fee: $950.00 (yearly)

    2. When 1 year Bachelor programme applied;

    a. Tuition fee $19,000.00 Course fee: $950.00 

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    Qualifications Awarded

    i. When 3 year Bachelor programme completed:

    • New Zealand Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage (Level 5) 
    • Diploma in Clinical Massage Therapy (Level 6)
    • Bachelor of Health Studies (Neuromuscular Therapy) 

    ii. When 1 year Bachelor programme completed:

    • Bachelor of Health Studies (Neuromuscular Therapy) 


    22 July


    3 year bachelor programme available at our Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch campuses

    (3rd year is not available at our Christchurch campus)


    36 weeks including 6 weeks of holiday.

    Entry Requirements

    i. Be over 18 years of age and:

    ii. 3 year bachelor programme including Level 5 and level 6;

    1. Discretionary admission available

    2. Additionally, International Students:

    a. Competence in English language - score at least IELTS 6.0 (Academic) with no band score lower than 5.5. *please note that score at least IELTS 6.0 (Academic) in all aspects of the test is required for the admission to the last year

    b. or NZQA approved equivalent

    iii. 1 year Bachelor programme;

    1. Successful completion of the NZCM Level 5 and Level 6 Diplomas, or equivalent

    2. ‘B’ average minimum in the NZCM Level 6 Diploma

    3. Discretionary admission available

    4. Additionally, International Students:

    a. Competence in English language - score at least IELTS 6.0 (Academic) in all aspects of the test

    5. or NZQA approved equivalent

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