As a general rule we will stop accepting international enrolment applications two weeks before the course starting date. However, under certain circumstances late enrolment applications can be considered.

2. Can I study part-time at NZCM?

All students need to study full-time at NZCM and there is no part-time course available at present.

3. Does NZCM recognise credits for prior international qualifications?

NZCM recognises the value of prior learning, including academic qualifications achieved.  Please enquire at time of application.

4. Is there an application fee?

NZCM does not charge an application fee to international students. NZCM does charge a registration fee of $130 if the student is accepted.

5. What options do I have for paying the tuition fee?

Telegraphic transfer, bank cheque and cash are all accepted.

6. Can I pay the tuition fee in instalments?

Full tuition fee payment for the first year of the programme is due before an Offer of Place letter is sent.  You will receive a receipt to allow you to obtain your student visa for your first year of study.

7. Are there any scholarships available for international students?

Unfortunately, NZCM does not have any scholarships available for international students at present.

8. How do I renew my student visa while studying at NZCM?

The College will help you to provide necessary document to support your visa renewal application, but students will have to bear the associated costs and launch the application by themselves. Please visit the immigration website to find out more information.

9. Can I work while studying at NZCM?

You can work up to 20 hours a week while studying full time, under certain circumstances.

10. Will NZCM help me to find a part-time job while studying?

NZCM does not guarantee any part-time job opportunities for students, but we can assist you in preparing a CV and getting you ready for your first job interview.