Bachelor in Health Studies

The Primary objective of the New Zealand College of Massage (NZCM) is to provide the highest quality education in range of bodywork therapies. We provide Certificate, Diploma and Degree level courses to people interested in massage therapy.

Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy) – NZQA Level 7, three years full time study

This degree offers the best in evidence-based theories on structure and function of the human body; extensive exploration of the therapeutic relationship, ethical boundaries and the client as whole person; and a thorough grounding in research methods, principles and practice.

A wide range of industry-experienced teaching staff, most in current clinical practice, guide you towards mastery of a variety of hands-on techniques, and support you in integrating your learning to apply it in a clinical context.

Massage Therapy is positioning itself in the primary health care sector. Our degree will prepare you for a professional career by providing you with the highest level of training in an industry that is in growing demand.

Why choose this qualification?

  • Combine academic excellence and clinical competency.
  • Prepare for a life-changing career in sports massage, management of myofascial pain syndromes or general palliative care.
  • Equip yourself to deal with complex clinical cases: learn to assess, problem-solve and apply clinical reasoning with your in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology.
  • Let your clients benefit from your knowledge of the latest clinical developments and research evidence.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other health professionals. Enjoy a people-centred culture and apply your learning in real situations.

Key Dates

1 March 2016 – 14 December 2018

Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees (3 years): $42,000.00

Course Related Costs (e.g. Text Books/Manuals/Massage Table/Linen/Oils): $2,500.00

Enrolment Fee: $130.00