Diploma in Health Sciences (Massage and Sports Therapy)

NZQA Level 6, 2 years full time.

This 2 year Diploma programme extends the Diploma in Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage) with a further six months of specialised study and practice. Learn to apply massage therapy specifically for sports and rehabilitation. Build on your massage knowledge with a more in-depth study of movement and function, injury prevention, health maintenance and rehabilitation of the active person. You will learn to integrate techniques and mind/body concepts.

The sports massage industry is still in its infancy in New Zealand. There are many opportunities to work with active people, educating and guiding them in incorporating massage into their recovery and maintenance programmes.

Why choose this qualification?

  • Build a deeper understanding of how to work with a team or individual, with someone who exercises to keep fit or is an international competitor, in a sports setting or in your own clinic
  • Working with active people who have goals and dreams
  • Getting to know how a team or individual functions
  • Adapting techniques to suit stages of training
  • Pre-event, post-event and in-event massage
  • Understanding rehabilitation and recovery
  • Networking with others in the field including sports science professionals – Doctors, Orthopaedics and Physiotherapists.

 Key Dates

2 February 2016 – 2 December 2017

Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees (2 years): $32,000.00

Course Related Costs (e.g. Text Books/Manuals/Massage Table/Linen/Oils): $1,800.00

Enrolment Fee: $130.00