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Bachelor of Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy)
Why do Massage Therapists need a Degree?

  1. For personal growth
  2. For Professional growth – profession vs industry.  Lifts industry standards
  3. Research – development/testing of methods & creation of other massage-related employment opportunities
  4. Governmental, professional & public acceptance as a health professional
  5. Inclusion in primary health care system
  6. International recognition/employment

Higher academic achievement and clinical massage interventions that will keep YOU AHEAD OF THE REST
Come talk to the NZCM team about what papers you need to complete this year before going into year 3 of the Bachelors qualification.

Diploma in Health Sciences(Massage and Sports Therapy) 

Get closer to the action with a career in sports massage. There are many reasons why you should upskill in the area of Massage & Sports Therapy:

  1.     Advance your scope of practice
  2.     Work with active people that have goals and dreams
  3.     Increase your understanding of rehabilitation and recovery
  4.     Expand your horizons
  5.     Work and travel with sports teams, athletes, muscians, dancers or actors

Workshops/Graduate Courses

  • Continue your study via Professional Workshops and Graduate Courses in advanced areas
  • International and Local presenters in a range of topics

View our Workshops & Graduate Courses

Be a Mentor

Opportunities to work with current students, past students, future students:

  • Mentoring
  • Clinic supervision at your place
  • Offer of community workplace positions and community supervision
  • Accept to be a part of our research survey

Assist the College

Donations: library books, research articles/journals, financial assistance for resources, computers, massage table, CDs suitable for clinic work, plants for the garden, magazines for our clinic area.

Volunteers are required to help us organize and continue the graduate area. Develop an NZCM graduates culture and represent the NZCM graduate community.

Testimonials Required

Got something good to say about your time at the College – send us in a testimonial with your photo, qualification and year of graduation. We’ll put YOU on the front page.


We require your bio. Check out the Graduates who have responded to a previous request and to check on the type of information we are looking for to promote you and the College.

Please send your bio accompanied by a high resolution .jpg photo of yourself to