Wendy Hilton

Wendy HiltonMy direct association with the college started in 2000, on the Dip. Body Therapies course. The program enthralled me as it gave me the opportunity to stimulate my grey matter as an adult student. I found out how exciting learning could be if it was presented in a way which appeals to everyones’ individual and unique learning styles. I feel the college does this extremely well. I went on to complete the Certificate in NMT and Dip. Clinical Sports Therapies. During which time I started developing a busy clinic.

In my clinic I worked with a variety of athletes funded from the NZ Sports Academy gaining experience with sports from Badminton to Shotput. I also joined the college as a tutor in the sports field and assisted the diploma courses.

In 2004 I was selected to be apart of the NZ Paralympic Medical team to Athens. Without a doubt I can say that it was the most rewarding period of my personal and professional life. It was incredibly humbling to witness the achievements of these athletes who strive for the same level of competitiveness as able-bodied counterparts, yet with often more difficult challenges. To be on the bench when the Wheelblacks won gold, to see Tim Prendergast our partially-sighted middle-distance runner win the final after having severely blistered his feet, to welcome back to the village Pete Martin our field star and Mike Johnson our shooting star crowned with wreaths and donning gold medallions was remarkable. To see the entire team preform the Haka at the gates to the stadium before 60,000 was breathtaking.

From Athens I went on to live and work in London. Currently I am working with the Great Britain Olympic and Podium level athletes as well as for a private sports medicine clinic as their Lead Massage Therapist. Here we are undergoing studies on massage and various techniques in attempt to eradicate some of the subjectivity of what we do. The centre where I am based concentrates on rapid injury rehabilitation which challenges me daily.

To date my massage career has taken me on some terrific adventures, such as overseas courses with leading authorities, met & worked with some talented people throughout the world. Goes to show you massage is not always limited to a clinic room.

In London I truly believe within the medical world, massage has a lot of untapped potential and from my experience I believe that if you want to be swept up in the success that the future will bring, now is the time to get involved.